Introduction to antimicrobial pharmacology

Welcome to your Introduction to antimicrobial pharmacology

1) The primary mechanism of resistance against these antimicrobials is the production of Beta lactamases which cleaves the beta lactam ring structure.

2) Primary mechanism of resistance against this antibiotic is the production of enzymes by bacteria that inactivate the drug via conjugation reactions.

3) Bacteria develop resistance against this group of antibiotic by increasing the production of PABA and using exogenous folic acid.

4) Select all the antibiotics that act by inhibiting bacterial cell wall synthesis

5) Select all the antibiotics that work by inhibiting the bacterial nucleic acid synthesis

6) Which of the following antibiotics inhibit translocation of peptidyl-tRNA from acceptor to donor site?

7) Which of the follwoing antibiotic prevent formation of peptide bond by inhibiting the activity of peptidyltransferase?

8) Which of the following antibiotics cause photosensitivity?

9) Bone marrow suppression is a side effect associated with which of the following antibiotics?

10) Select the antibiotics that exhibit concentraion dependent killikng of bacteria

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